Rigorous first line affected by the splashing of the sea and the coastline. Rigorous first line affected by the immense horizon and the low western sun.

The house occupies the portion of the plot that is available to it and manifests itself as a sober and clearly zoned piece:

In the northern fringe is the common services area, which runs from the street to the sea in the natural sense of traffic.

On the southern strip are the bedrooms.

Linked to the sea, totally open and with an outstanding volume, we find the day area and the suite of who pays.

The porch is mandatory to expand the living room and allow the outside to penetrate the house. The blinds along the entire west facade are mandatory to close the porch and not allow the criminal evening sun to penetrate the house.

The vision of the sea floods everything and the main rooms of the house are centrifuged to search for it. The view of the sea floods everything, sometimes too much, and in the heart of the house there are patios that remind us that we can enjoy outdoor spaces on a domestic scale.

The rigorous front line is too precious a space for the house to finish so soon and we grow down. The English patio dignifies the basement and gives it the necessary quality so that life can develop around it.