This house adapts, in an almost organic way, to the capricious conditions imposed by the regulations and to the incontestable conditions imposed by nature.

Contrary to what commercial reality indicates, being so close to the sea not only brings advantages. Menorcan salinity and the coastline are very tough enemies. This and the setbacks of an irregular plot determine the dimensions and shape of the building.

The owners are in love with the typism of this area of ​​the southern island and profound connoisseurs of the severity of the summer sun, which forces people to avoid it by mounting improvised and also typical outdoor lounges with wonderful views towards the parked cars.

The house, without renouncing the aesthetic principles of the area, empties into the north façade, providing a private, protected sunset patio, linked to the bedrooms of the inhabitants, giving sea to those who should not see it and bringing light serene to the heart of the house. This V-shaped notch pierces the ground and creates a basement. The patio on the ground floor is also a shelter for access to the lower level.

Meanwhile, cut off by the coastline, the western façade, which would like to be all Mediterranean, must be able to close to survive.