The best architecture in Menorca

The architect of Menorca

I am not a genius. I graduated from ETSAV, I was not a brilliant student, but I have mastered architecture. At home we have breathed it all our lives. I grew up among delineation instruments and plans. I was walking around the works that my father directed since I was a young boy. Perhaps having approached architecture from the trade, from the block, the cement, the marès … has made me work with a rope tied to the foot so as not to move away from the land where I have my roots. The architect Coderch, the great inspiring teacher of my School, expressed that, and in this definition I recognize myself. Menorca architect.

I have also blown the sea breeze, the sun, the light and the tradition of the little Menorca.

My work seeks the deep knowledge of the fundamental, escape from the trivial. To approach projects from the Mediterranean, with responsibility and dedication. Today they would call it “slow architecture” Menorca architect.

Arnau Martí Lupresti

  • Single-family housing
  • multifamily housing
  • cataloged building
  • premises
  • hotels
  • agrotourism


  • New work
  • Reform
  • Rehabilitation
  • Change of use
  • Restoration
  • Urbanization
  • Rustic floor
  • Work direction
  • Interior architecture
  • Tourist housing
  • Elimination of architectural barriers
  • Reports on pathology and state of buildings
  • Raise plans
  • Certificate and certificate of habitability
  • Pools
  • Project and license of activities
  • Technical Building Inspection (ITE)